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A Facebook post claims that you can donate old LEGO bricks to a service that will wash, sort and donate the bricks to charities that work with children. 

The post, from a UK Facebook account, also claims the “LEGO Replay” service offers free shipping to anyone who wishes to donate. However, it is currently only available in the US and Canada. 

The British site for LEGO says: “LEGO® Replay is currently available in the US and Canada But we hope to expand it to your market soon”. 

A spokesman for LEGO also told Full Fact “LEGO Replay… will launch in Australia in 2022. 

“We are not sharing any other details regarding other potential locations at this time.”

The site recommends donating LEGO to charity shops or “passing them on to a friend or family member”. 

There are a number of UK charities that sell or donate LEGO. Autism Bricks, sells new and second hand LEGO bricks to fund work experience opportunities for adults with autism,  while the charity Fairy Bricks provides LEGO sets to children’s hospices and hospitals. 

Alternatively, Money Saving Expert has a guide on how to sell unwanted LEGO online. 


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