Monthly Archives: April 2022

GB News presenter wrong about booster vaccine deaths

Why aren’t we talking about this? It seems, if the booster shot is making it thrice as likely that you’re going to be deadsville, that they’re going to carrying you out by the handles, why aren’t we talking about that? Mark Steyn, 21 April 2022. GB News presenter Mark Steyn has claimed in a televised… Read More »

Brooklyn’s Abandoned Domino Sugar Factory

New York is known for the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Broadway shows, and Law and Order: SVU (dun, dun). But did you know that New York used to be home to one of the largest sugar producers? The Domino Sugar Factory began sugar production in Brooklyn, NY, in 1882 and did not stop until 2004. While…… Read More »

Facebook competition for holiday to Cabo likely a scam

A Facebook post, commented on more than 344,000 times, offers social media users the chance to win a holiday for a family of four to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, if they comment “done” under the post.  There are clear indications that this is a scam, and it is near-identical to a post we have recently… Read More »