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8 Tips on Adopting a High-Performance Mindset

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines a performance mindset as “the execution of an action.” On the other hand, it defines a high-performance mindset as “better, faster, more efficient than others” and “producing results much higher than expected.” A high-performance mindset is necessary for achieving peak performance and is something that most athletes try to achieve. Under… Read More »

How to Handle a Passive Aggressive Boss at Work

Communication is the keystone for highly functioning teams and achieving maximum productivity. Every company ought to start this way, and most of them did. Still, sadly, when there’s a repeated pattern of communication breakdown, it inevitably has a ripple effect across the entire organization. This is often seen with passive-aggressive bosses at work. The consequences… Read More »

How To Effectively Boost Cross-Team Collaboration: 5 Tips

March 2020 was when the world stopped, but people never did. The great pivot emphasized innovation within the virtual space. We saw businesses closing physical locations after discovering the cost-effectiveness of doing business virtually. Companies pivoted from the classical board room meetings to using conference platforms like Zoom to conduct business. Teams fulfilled services and… Read More »

5 Tips On Overcoming Career Stagnation

You’re sitting at your office desk, blankly staring at your computer screen and second-guessing your life choices—especially your career. At that moment, when you’ve lost all motivation to continue with your decisions, the realization of career stagnation hits you hard. Do you feel like you’ve had enough? Whether working from home or commuting to the… Read More »

How To Turn Mundane Tasks Into Meaningful Work

Let’s face it—there are many things we don’t want to do. How many people wish they didn’t have to prepare dinner, do the laundry, write Thank You cards, make their beds, or do their taxes? But it’s not just at home where we must deal with mundane tasks. At the office, we’ve got emails, administrative… Read More »