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13 Intriguing Growth Hormone Facts

Animals and humans grow in every aspect during their lifetime, with the most visible being growth in their physical attributes. However, what causes these developments? How do we explain stunted growth? Here are some intriguing growth hormone facts to help you answer these and more questions. 1. The Pituitary Gland Makes The Growth Hormone The…… Read More »

11 Fascinating Testosterone Facts

Testosterone is to men what estrogen is to women; it is the primary male sex hormone. Even though it fully starts manifesting during puberty, the role of testosterone starts 7 weeks into the gestation period. From there, the rollercoaster continues into adulthood. If you have been wondering how testosterone affects men/male animals or what happens…… Read More »

7 Bizarre Medical Conditions

Humans face loads of challenges in their lives. The list is endless, from working to fend for oneself to caring for young ones and their health. Fortunately, people have devised ways to curb their major problems. Be it technological or through working policies, life is more bearable. While we struggle with the challenges that we…… Read More »

14 Unusual Phobias People Actually Have

Despite the unending efforts of psychologists, mentors, and public speakers urging us to be fearless and always face our challenges, many still have phobias. From spiders to snakes and elevators, there is always something we are afraid of. More often than not, we might have a phobia but have no problem tolerating it. However, some…… Read More »

25 Interesting Facts About Memories

1. In 1986, a woman who sought psychiatric help discovered memories of being in a satanic cult where she was forcibly raped, had to eat babies and as a consequence developed 120 different personalities to cope. The memories were later found to be false and the therapist was sued creating false memories. – Source 2.…… Read More »

6 Interesting Facts about Psychology

Why do people do what they do? What triggers humans to develop specific thoughts, including those that can be considered crazy? Finding answers to these and more questions can be an uphill task unless you know a thing or two about psychology. For almost a couple of centuries, humans have relied on psychology to explain…… Read More »

6 Witty Facts about AB+ Blood Type 

It’s not uncommon to hear a certain hospital or blood donation organization asking volunteers to help save lives through blood donations. What most people do not know is not every blood can help save patients regardless of their goodwill. We have varying blood types, with each having its requirements for compatibility. Here are some little-known…… Read More »

5 Interesting O Positive Blood Type Facts

A person’s blood type is an important thing to note, especially in terms of medical care. There are eight different types that people can have, one of which is O positive blood. And there are actually a lot of interesting facts about this particular blood group, many of which we’ll be talking about today. So…… Read More »

5 Interesting Facts About Conjoined Twins

Conjoined twins are two identical babies connected at a specific point of the body. Science suggests that conjoined twins form when an embryo partially separates instead of entirely splitting. The first documented case of conjoined twins was in 1811, and the pair of brothers called themselves “Siamese twins.” The men lived to the age of 63 and…… Read More »

25 Interesting Facts About Urine

1. Consuming asparagus affects the smell of urine, but only 22% of the population have the gene to smell it. – Source 2. Numerous survival instructors and guides, including the US Army Field Manual, advise against drinking urine for survival. – Source 3. In ancient India, Diabetes was called “madhumeha” or “honey urine” as the…… Read More »