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Organic Tree-Shaping: Crafting Furniture with Nature’s Touch

Australian artist Peter ‘Pook’ Cook spent 10 to 12 years creating an organic tree-chair using gradual branch redirection. Pooktre, a tree-shaping system developed with partner Becky Northey, produces five unique furniture pieces yearly, including coffee tables, bed-ends, candelabras, and human-shaped trees. The process takes 7-12 years before harvest, resulting in sturdy, waste-free furnishings. British designer… Read More »

Ford Aurora II: Bold 1960s Design Innovation

The Ford Aurora II never reached the market, likely due to a failure to meet safety regulations. However, its innovative wrap-around couch and the 180° swiveling passenger seat stand as some of the boldest design feats of the 1960s. Interestingly, the Aurora II also featured other groundbreaking ideas such as a rear-facing third row of… Read More »