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WTF Fun Fact 13546 – Women Couldn’t Open Bank Accounts

It wasn’t that long ago when women couldn’t open bank accounts in the U.S. Click to read the full fact. The post WTF Fun Fact 13546 – Women Couldn’t Open Bank Accounts appeared first on WTF Fun Facts. Source

Kathryn Lawes: The Beloved Mother of Sing Sing Prison

Kathryn Lawes, affectionately referred to as the “Mother of Sing Sing,” resided within the notorious prison’s facility along with her children. As the wife of the warden, she was deeply cherished by the inmates, who reverently addressed her as “Mother.” Kathryn Stanley Lawes, earned her title of “Mother” due to her compassionate work with inmates… Read More »

The Fedora’s Feminist Origins: From Women’s Rights Symbol to Fashion Statement

The fedora, often associated with mobsters, originally held significance as a representation of the Women’s Rights Movement. Initially, the fedora was designed as a hat for women and gained popularity through the influential actress Sarah Bernhardt, who was known for her cross-dressing roles. Making its debut in 1882 as women’s headwear, the fedora quickly became… Read More »

Ancient Greek Midwifery: Exclusively Women’s Domain

In ancient Greece, men were legally prohibited from becoming midwives, as the law mandated that only those who had experienced childbirth themselves could qualify for the profession. This requirement was based on the belief that firsthand knowledge of the birthing process was essential for providing the best care to expectant mothers. Additionally, women in ancient… Read More »

Josephine Cochrane: The Inventor of the Dishwasher

Josephine Cochrane was motivated to invent the dishwasher after growing frustrated with her expensive china breaking while being washed by hand. In 1886, she designed and built the first practical dishwasher, which used water pressure to clean dishes more efficiently than hand washing. Cochrane’s invention was initially marketed towards commercial establishments but later became popular… Read More »

Nellie Bly’s Journey

Nellie Bly, a female reporter, successfully recreated Jules Verne’s famous novel “Around The World In 80 Days.” In 1888, she proposed to her editor at the New York World to undertake a journey around the world, making Verne’s fictional story a reality. On November 14, 1889, with two days’ notice, Bly boarded the Augusta Victoria… Read More »